Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Delayed Post

Sorry for the delay in posting. I got a bit sidetracked by Bug's birthday (she's 2!!!) and Monkey's health. So, here's the catch-up........

Thursday when I picked Tripp up from school he was limping. By the time he went to bed he fell about every four steps because his right leg gave out. Friday morning he couldn't walk. We already had a well-check scheduled for the Bug, but they couldn't do them both at once so we had a marathon morning at the Dr. office. Bug had her check at 9:40 - healthy as can be, and a shrimp on the growth charts - and Monkey had a 10:15 appointment. V was still screaming from her HepA vaccine when we got in for Tripp's appointment. Thank goodness my mom showed up as the doctor came in and took fussy pants out to the lobby! After an exam the doctor felt pretty sure that T had a viral infection in his right hip. We did xrays and some blood work to confirm. All the results came back supportive of that theory so we were good to go with some motrin and a lot of carrying. Mom and I swapped cars and she brought the littles home so I could go straight to the school for Tripp's ARD. Can we say stressed out?

I got there at 12:20 on the nose. Molley (our fabulous diag) asked to meet before the ARD to discuss a few things. We hashed out the ESY deal and all agreed that it would not be the best environment for our Monkey. During the official ARD we went over the proposed goals and schedule for our in home/parent training stuff (I am VERY pleased with this), officially stated no ESY, changed the IEP to allow Tripp to go all 5 days the last two weeks of school, removed the bus from his IEP (since we only rode it once and made other arrangements because it was unacceptable to me), and talked about next year's plan. That's the best part. I turned in all the paperwork to apply for the over-income exemption for Head Start. Next year Tripp's current PPCD will be co-teaching a full day with the Head Start teacher. If things go as "planned" Tripp would be in the co-taught class with a few of his current classmates and all the "typical" head start students. Two teachers, two aides - all day, every day of the week. I think this would be fabulous and Miss Devine is very excited at the possibility. Of course, we won't know anything officially until the summer when the committee meets to grant the exemption spots. Until then I ask that you all pray that it works out!

And just to finish the weird hip virus story......Saturday Tripp's face got very red, but he was outside all day so we didn't think much about it. By bedtime Sunday he had a read face and two very red arms. Nope, not sunburn. Fifth Disease. Both Goose and Bug had it within the last month. For the Monkey it apparently settled in his hip before the rash came out. He is down to one dose of motrin a day and is doing much better. Whew!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ARD Tomorrow

We have an ARD scheduled tomorow at 12:45. Topics of discussion will be ESY, In-home Parent Training eval results, and scheduling for next year. I've got the paperwork ready to turn in for Head Start - plese pray that they give as an exemption. We are over-income and technically Tripp will be too young (he won't be 4 until October). Molley said to try anyway and has made recommendations that he be considered. I think this would be great for him. I'm concerned that 3 hours of PPCD each day wouldn't be enough for him. I'm sure he would do fine, but I think he would grow more if we can have him in school longer than that. I'll update after the ARD.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Underwear and Tears

Things have been good in Monkeyland lately. This past Saturday Easy and I went to an ABC's of ABA workshop. It was pretty good. I have to say that with the education I have it wasn't anything earth shattering or even really new. It did, however help me re-center my thoughts and I took away a few nuggets that I think will be very helpful. For instance - it takes a lot longer to fade a verbal prompt than a physical one. I am such a verbal person it's gong to be hard to shut-up, but I think it is something I need to work on. Easy also felt like it gave him a little bit of a different perspective so we are both happy we went and we plan on going to a more in depth workshop this fall.

By the time we got back to town and picked up all the kids it was bedtime. I got the Bug to bed and the Goose settled down watching a show and Easy sat down to have "working time" with the Monkey. They had a great session together and then they blew my mind. We got Tripp ready for bed and Easy handed him his boxer shorts and set "You do it." And he did. I sat ther with tears streaming down my face while me 3 1/2 year old son put his pants on by himself for the very first time. It was slow and deliberate. At one point he paused for a long time like he was stuck and then he slid off the bed and stood up to finish pulling up his britches. It was beautiful. So, of course, the next morning I tried it again with his undies (he's a breifs man so I thought they might be harder than the boxers he sleeps in over his diaper) and we had another success. We haven't looked back. He is a pants puttin' on little dude and I am one proud mama! He even tried to put his t-shirt on by himself, but he still needs a little help getting it over his noggin. He's also going potty by himself and coming back out with his undies back on! Woo Hoo for all of us!!!!!!!!!

And lastly in the updates...........we had our eval with the in-home parent trainer person and I am awaiting the ARD date. I thought the girl that came was wonderful. She fits Tripp's prefered profile - petite brunett. She graduated college with Tripp's teacher so them working together will be a breeze. I'll let you know how the ARD goes when we have it. For now I'm just celebrating underwear and pants!