Thursday, May 8, 2008

Funny Goose

Last night I sat down with Paris and read her the book All Cats Have Aperger Syndrome. We started off by talking a little about how Tripp's brain doesn't work like ours. She saw the book and asked if it was about kitties. I said it was about kitties and Bubba too. We read it and made lots of comparisons/connections. After we were done I asked if she had any questions and she says:

"Yes I do. Why does Assboogers make Tripp and kittens crazy?"

I nearly fell off the bed laughing. I held it together and explained that Aspergers is just what you call it when your brain works like Tripp's. She didn't have any other questions and I left feeling like it went very well. Though I couldn't help but think as I walked out that a** boogers might make me crazy too if I had them!


debralynne said...

too funny...i love your stories!

Perks said...

LOL!!!! Oh my!!! That is so hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I'll be laughing about that one for days!!!

jenny said...

Haha!! I think Paris will come through all this fine---and a more compassionate grown-up as a result.

School's out and I'm checking in on all my fave's! ;-)